How TMI helped a major fashion retailer break into the beauty and cosmetics market

How TMI helped a major fashion retailer break into the beauty and cosmetics market

With the launch of our client’s new makeup brand, our digital marketing agency in South Africa was challenged to develop a campaign that would make a splash in the beauty and cosmetics market. Renowned for being one of the largest fashion retailers in South Africa, our client moved into new territory where their name wasn’t known and there was heavy competition.

It is an exciting and stylish new product group type that had the potential to become popular among fashionable youngsters. Under the new brand, the client debuted 200 products across eight categories: lips, eyes, face, tools, bath and body, skincare, fragrance, and nails, all of which deliver on quality and affordability, which people have come to expect from our client.

The Assignment

Faced with a saturated marketplace where consumers are overwhelmed with choice from well-established competitors, TMI needed to come up with a winning strategy for introducing a new, unknown make-up brand. The goal was to keep the brand top-of-mind with the audience to ultimately drive traffic to the site and get sales going.

Our Action Plan

We understood that encouraging consumers to switch to our client’s brand takes time. That’s why brand awareness and consumer education were a crucial foundation on which we set out to acquire leads. 

Our team started with an in-depth audience analysis that identified our audience’s online browsing activities. In order to stay continuously visible and connected to consumers in different micro moments, we expanded our marketing reach across multiple channels.

The designs for the beauty brand were really compelling, therefore, we sought to make the campaign visually driven to pull consumers in. 


How did we do it

Based on our previous success promoting the client in question, as well as other retail clients’ products, we settled on an omni-channel strategy incorporating various online touch-points. 

We used a range of awareness channels with vibrant visuals to reach potential new buyers. The focus was on Youtube, Display banners, GSPs, Shopping, and Social Creatives on the Display network. Search was used for the lower funnel to generate sales for generic terms and capture any branded searches over time, which we hoped would boost our sales efforts. 

Waze was included to drive customers in-store. There were only a few selected stores that sold the products, so we worked toward promoting these locations.

By using custom intent audiences across Display and Youtube, we had very targeted campaigns that focused on users’ search behaviour to drive more engagement. We also included broader targeting to drive awareness in new customers.

The social elements included on the banners drove greater engagement as users are familiar with these elements. 

By targeting top, middle and lower Display funnels, we helped usher customers to the point of conversions. With the addition of the Search, Shopping and GSP touchpoints, we ensured that the campaign was reaching users everywhere. 


Key outcomes

We have seen conversions coming in from channels that are normally only run for brand awareness. GSP delivered a high click-through-rate (CTR), indicating that our client’s existing audience is highly receptive and engaged.

While there has been some growth in clicks for Search, this channel was unable to provide the same conversion rates as Display (banners and social).

Remarkably, Shopping, which is very much about driving e-commerce sales and is a visual medium, provided a similar conversion rate as Search. This could be an indication that users were more receptive to visuals featuring models wearing the makeup as opposed to just product images.







How Newsjacking Can Be A Valuable Social Media Strategy

How Newsjacking Can Be A Valuable Social Media Strategy

Newsjacking might sound like a frightening concept; like a tactic pulled from the deep dark bag of marketing tricks. Luckily, it is something much different. Newsjacking is what happens when brands attach themselves to the trendiest news stories at the time to cast a spotlight on their own content. 

To give you a real-life example of how newsjacking has been successful with brands, we need only look at the South African fast-food restaurant franchise Nandos. We are sure you’ve seen these types of ads pop up on social media from time to time. Nando’s is a brand who isn’t afraid to connect with their audience in tongue-in-cheek ways that often piggyback on current affairs. Have a look at the below ads and see how Nandos gets itself into the public consciousness.


In the first ad, Nando’s is throwing shade at its competitor, KFC, in a post that plays upon the current coronavirus pandemic. In the second ad, it pokes fun at the chaotic nature of the State of the Nation address. In the third ad, Nando’s has a dig at Sanral’s commencement of e-tolls, and in the fourth ad, it added its voice to the controversy surrounding the meat dress famously worn by Lady Gaga.

Like Nandos, many brands worldwide have embraced this marketing strategy to great effect. Let’s look at a few.

There are several reasons why newsjacking is very appealing to brands and marketers. For one thing, it can be done on a shoestring advertising budget. You only need a captivating visual featuring your product, drop a catchy line next to it, and post it on your brand’s social media channels. For another, it’s a creative and memorable way to get the attention of your audience. It might be just the thing you need to get people hooked onto your brand. 

That being said, there are some best newsjacking practices that power the best results. Keep them in mind when creating your first or next newsjacking campaign.

  • Jump on it as soon as possible: newsjacking requires that you keep up with news updates and shifts in trends the second they happen. This enables you to capitalise on popular keywords and hashtags that will ultimately boost your brand’s exposure.
  • Find a way to effectively tie an event to your brand: although you can find newsjacking opportunities outside your industry, it must somehow relate to your brand. If you want to contribute something that your audience can benefit from, you need to make sure that it applies to your offering or reflect the spirit of your brand. Don’t just blindly tap into a trend because everybody else is.
  • Keep things simple: the goal of newsjacked content is to capture readers quickly and to get them to click that like and share button. The key to doing this is keep your writing and imagery concise and clear so that you can quickly get your point across. Don’t distract their attention with unnecessary graphics or overly complex sentences.
  • Be thoughtful about what you post: it is essential to take the right approach when communicating about a topic. If you post something that resonates with your audience, it’s best to avoid messages that are exploitative, offensive, or inappropriate especially when it involves disasters or sensitive social issues. Remember, it only takes a single tweet to ruin your brand reputation. 

There are tried and trusted marketing strategies that most brands implement successfully: Search campaigns, Display banners, content marketing, and search engine optimisation. Then, there’s newsjacking — an underutilised tactic that positions your brand to engage with your audience in a more receptive way. When done correctly, newsjacking is a valuable technique to help you rack up more comments, likes, and shares on your social media and blog content. 



5 types of short-form video to share on social media

5 types of short-form video to share on social media

Video content is a perfect means of engaging with your audience. It offers you the chance to draw them in with exciting visuals that enhance the message you’re trying to convey. Of course, you want that message to be as quick and simple as possible while also being effective. There are various reasons for harnessing short-form video content and using it to advertise your brand.As a digital marketing agency in South Africa we suggest using the following types of short-form video and sharing them on social media


Product tutorials

Acquaint audience members with your product with a video tutorial that’s informative and to the point. This type of video doesn’t have to be overly creative. All it has to do is offer a clear explanation to your followers about what your brand does and how your product works. Visual aids always help when explaining information, so that’s what your video tutorial can act as.


Specialty showcases

There are no doubt certain products or aspects of your brand that you’ll want to shine a spotlight on. That’s where a creative short-form video can help. Create something that highlights a specialty product or service of yours while explaining it as succinctly as possible and promoting it through the use of exciting visuals.



You want your audience to be constantly hooked onto your brand. Keep them interested by producing short teaser videos that promote upcoming products or services. With these videos, you can build up anticipation amongst your followers and ensure they pay attention to your brand in order to see what’s coming next.


Behind the scenes videos

Your audience is no doubt curious about your brand, so why not make the most of that curiosity and offer them a sneak peek into the inner workings of your company. A behind the scenes video doesn’t have to go into every little detail of how your brand works. Instead, it can give a broad yet comprehensive overview of that brand, helping your followers understand you a bit better and maybe acquainting them with the various people you work with. Putting faces to a brand name helps to lend that brand some personality, making it seem more approachable.


FAQ videos

There are always regular questions an audience wants to ask a brand. If you’re a venue then people might constantly ask what your opening times are or if there’s an age limit in terms of who’s allowed in and who is not. It’s all very well having a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) somewhere on your company website, but this might be tiring for readers to scroll through when they’re on the lookout for one piece of information. An useful alternative would be to answer FAQs in a quick video. Once again you’ll be able to incorporate a more human element into your content as well as make it look more visually appealing.


Video content is engaging and exciting, and can be harnessed for numerous important purposes. With succinct short-form videos you can share necessary information to your audience, incorporating exciting visuals and an approachable human element into that content. Show followers how your products and services work, take them behind the scenes of your business operations, answer questions, promote specialty products and create teasers to keep them hooked. Once you’ve started  creating videos like these and sharing them on social media, you’re bound to see your audience increase. Contact TMI if you want to promote your video content on YouTube and social media.

TMI Secures The Future Of Advertising in Move Away From Cookie Crumbs

TMI Secures The Future Of Advertising in Move Away From Cookie Crumbs

The 3rd party cookie may soon be remembered as little more than an archaic framework from which true resonance between brand and interested parties was forged. On August 27, 2019, Google published the results of a detailed study wherein they removed tracking or cookie features from the test group, to observe the impact on advertising and the general user experience. Amongst other things they noted that, “We saw a 21% increase in user clicks to close an ad by the treatment group (who encountered non-personalized ads). When prompted with a list of reasons why they wanted to stop seeing an ad, there was a 21% increase in user clicks on the reason “Not interested in this ad” and a 29% increase in user clicks on the reason “Seen this ad multiple times”. Closer inspection of marketing technology and methodology have surged since Google’s press release of January 14 this year, cementing their suspected turn around on the use of 3rd-party tracking cookies. Many global advertisers have begun to lament the loss of such cookies as Google’s own research showed that, “users without cookies generate at least 37.5%, and up to 66% less revenue.” But the digital marketing agency industry has had a long time to prepare for the inevitable disappearance of 3rd-party cookies, and they won’t entirely vanish from the scene until 2022.  The point, quite besides any privacy concerns, is that cookie-based marketing hasn’t been the most effective methodology for some time now.Digital marketing agencies in-the-know have moved on to more technologically advanced and less invasive processes to secure mutual relevance between companies and the browsing public. The truth is that cookies weren’t all that they were cracked up to be in the first place. While they were certainly better than the digital equivalent of cold calling, there was ample room for improvement. This is why the TMI Collective is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with SQREEM. The global innovator which just took home the 20th annual British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Business Awards.     Combining SQREEM’s groundbreaking technology with TMI’s many years of advertising expertise is simply a natural fit and one which is already showing seismic shifts in profitability for clients and accuracy for consumers. Mercedes-Benz South Africa enjoyed an engagement rate of 30% (outperforming Google’s display benchmark of 0.36% by 8000%). They acquired so many relevant, qualified leads that the call-centre requested the campaign be paused while they catch up.  SQREEM has built an AI platform able to grasp behavior, context, and logic, at levels of scale and complexity vastly beyond human capability and turned the process of identifying, targeting, engaging, and converting over three billion consumers across the world into a fully automated science. The AI is able to identify links and associations among vast, unstructured digital activities across any platform and determine macro-behavioral normalcy versus micro-behavioral abnormality. The results are undeniable. 30% of static display ad impressions are typically lost to bots but SQREEM requires swipe interactions which guarantee a 100% human audience. The Google display click through rate is 0.36% while SQREEM delivers an entry CTR of 2%. Digital advertising is delivered via the ChannelSQREEM Brand Pod, similar in structure to a display banner ad, only leagues apart.   For the TMI Collective, a digital marketing agency and SQREEM the future of marketing won’t be decided in 2022 by the forced disappearance of 3rd party cookies, these companies have already moved beyond and will continue to carry the torch into a bright future under the banner of Channel SQREEM.

How to rapidly accumulate subscribers to your YouTube channel

How to rapidly accumulate subscribers to your YouTube channel

It should go without saying that YouTube is the ideal platform on which to post video content. That being said, if you’re starting up your very own YouTube channel it’s important for you to accumulate a significant amount of followers in order to stand out from your competitors. Here are some ways in which you can effectively build up a following on YouTube and optimise your SEO strategy

Prioritise searchability

A well-planned SEO strategy is an effective means of gaining traffic and subscribers, so be sure to optimise your YouTube channel if you want more people to find it. Your first move should be to perform some solid keyword research for your channel, perhaps using YouTube’s search function as a tool. With it, you can type in keywords you’d like to use in order to find out what other people are currently talking about. You can also use Google Ads to do keyword research. Once you’ve found the right keywords, include them naturally within your YouTube content. Try adding subtitles to your videos in order for the algorithm to categorise those videos based on their transcripts.

Be consistent

A great way to keep people interested in your content is to produce it on a regular basis. Your follower base is only just getting used to you, and a consistent output of impactful video content is sure to keep them hooked. You might want to start by producing channel trailers on a regular basis in order to catch the eye of your intended audience. It’s also a good idea to create a visible content schedule on your profile. Once people start to come across your channel and become invested in it, there’s a great chance that they’ll carry on coming back if you stick to that schedule. If you need to make any changes to your channel, then be open about it to your followers. This way, they won’t be deterred.

Be interactive

Interacting with your audience through your content is an effective way of keeping them interested in your channel. An example would be adding a call to action (CTA) at the end of your videos, perhaps asking whoever’s watching to subscribe to your channel in order to enjoy more of your content.

Promote your channel

If you’re serious about your YouTube channel gaining traction, then make sure you promote it on other social media platforms. By sharing your videos on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you are increasing awareness of your channel. If your posts are tantalizing enough, then there’s a good chance of people clicking through to your YouTube channel and subscribing. In addition, if people start commenting on your social media posts and on your YouTube channel itself, then you have a better opportunity to engage with them by answering their questions and taking an interest in their opinions. It’s a valuable way to increase their confidence in you and get them onto your side.

YouTube is an indispensable platform for creators of video content and will largely affect your SEO strategy. If you want to gain a YouTube following, then make sure content is properly optimised, produced on a regular basis and interactive. Also remember to promote your content on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and engage with your audience at all times. If you do all this, then you’ll quickly see your list of subscribers grow.