Content marketing is an essential part of any marketing mix. Not just because it works for… 

  • improving search engine rankings
  • drawing traffic to a website
  • building trust/customer loyalty

…but because it’s an added value that consumers expect from the brands they interact with. 

We’ve experienced these rewards first-hand because content marketing is a core offering of our digital marketing agency in South Africa.

Content marketing – “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing relevant content to attract and retain an audience to ultimately drive profitable customer action.” 

                                                                               -Content Marketing Institute

If you want to learn more about how you can succeed in content marketing, this case study is for you. 

Case study summary

  • Creating valuable content was at the centre of our strategy to boost organic search
  • Content marketing helped to increase community engagement and traffic for the client

The Assignment

As our client continued to expand its product offerings, it needed to cement an identity that would make the company stand out as a total workspace provider. The client called on TMI to help transform it from a product-focused brand to a solutions and outcomes-focused total workspace provider. They wanted to win over businesses seeking one-stop-shop for their goals and needs. 


The solution

TMI created a content strategy that would connect with the client’s audience and showcase the lifestyle the company wanted to represent.

To meet the client’s objectives, TMI developed a strategic plan for onsite content that helped guide the design and development of a new blog section to boost search and user experience.

We based our content strategy on topics that speak directly to the client’s most important audiences. More specifically, we delivered insights on how the tools & services can help solve common business challenges and bring productivity benefits to organisations.

This process involved:

  • Keyword research
  • Sourcing new content topic ideas
  • Creating a content calendar with a publishing schedule
  • Producing content
  • Optimising content to boost organic visibility
  • Boosting content on social
  • Optimising older blog posts with meta titles and descriptions.

This has enabled us to produce consistent, fresh content that connects with the client’s audience like helpful workspace tips and advice and industry news.

Young Middle Eastern ethnicity businessman looking at his laptop with happiness and excitement.

Key Outcomes

After a year of concentrated effort, during which we published 120 blog articles, the payoff was an increase in session duration and pageviews. Users spent an average of 01:55 reading our blog articles.


When a blog post was promoted on Facebook, we targeted a tailored audience that is more likely to engage with the promoted post, versus a generic audience. The results for Facebook were as follows:


What made the difference?

The biggest factors that contributed to the increase in blog traffic were:

  • A consistent production, optimisation and publishing schedule. 
  • A collaborative approach with the client to plan evergreen and trending topics. 
  • Optimising old blog posts to make them appear more frequently on SERPs.


We can help you achieve similar results

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