9 Ways A B2C Lead Generation Company Can Optimise Your Conversion Rates

While handling lead gen in-house seems tempting, the reality is that DIY rarely delivers the results an experienced lead gen firm can. From superior data and targeting to proven processes and technology stacks, specialists in this field bring extensive expertise your team likely lacks.


The right B2C lead generation company aligns their process with your sales workflow, nurturing promising leads and handing off qualified prospects at just the right time.


So if poor conversion rates are limiting your growth, it may be time to get strategic help. A reputable B2C lead generation company could be the missing link for driving conversions and sales to the next level. Stay tuned to learn more about fine-tuning your funnel and results through managed lead generation.


A B2C lead generation company can help optimise your performance with these strategies:


Refine Your Target Audience 


A B2C lead generation company identifies the right potential customers to target by:


  • Breaking down your audience demographically based on age, gender, income level, location, interests, and more. This allows you to craft messaging that really resonates with each group.


  • Analysing your existing customer data and web traffic to understand buyer behaviours and preferences. You can then tweak your outreach to align with what your best segments are looking for.


  • Considering the attitudes, values, and lifestyles of your potential customers. Psychographic segmentation gives you insight to craft campaigns that appeal to their priorities and preferences.


Boost Your Website Experience


A lead gen company can overhaul your website experience to remove friction and boost conversions by:


  • Streamlining site navigation so it’s effortless for visitors to find what they need.


  • Ensuring your site is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This removes hurdles for the high volume of mobile users.


  • Optimising page speed and performance so you don’t lose visitors to slow load times. 


  • Adding clear calls-to-action so visitors know exactly what next steps you want them to take.


Implement A/B Testing 


A/B testing allows a lead gen company to pinpoint optimisation opportunities by:


  • Testing different headlines, images, calls-to-action, layouts, and more to determine what converts best.


  • Using the insights from tests to continuously improve your marketing and site experience.


  • Iterating based on data, not guesses, so you know your changes are backed by evidence.


Personalise Your Messaging


A lead gen company can make your messaging more relevant by:


  • Using data to serve up dynamic, personalised content like product recommendations.


  • Sending targeted emails to different audience segments based on their needs and interests.


  • Offering tailored promotions or discounts to incentivise desired actions from each group.

Optimise Your Landing Pages


Your landing pages make a critical first impression, so a lead gen company will:


  • Ensure your landing page content is tightly aligned with your ads and campaigns. 


  • Use compelling headlines, visuals, and copy to highlight your value proposition.


  • Remove unnecessary distractions to keep visitors focused on converting.


Implement Retargeting 


Retargeting helps you re-engage visitors who previously bounced by:


  • Serving customised ads to remind them of the items they viewed or added to their cart.


  • Controlling the ad frequency so you stay top of mind without annoying site visitors. 


  • Targeting different visitor segments, like repeat visitors vs. one-timers, with tailored messaging. 


Create Value-Driven Content


A lead gen company will produce content that attracts and engages potential customers by:


  • Publishing informative, useful content like blogs, ebooks, and videos that address your audience’s interests.


  • Optimising all content for search visibility so you attract more organic traffic.


  • Producing a variety of content formats like infographics, case studies, and more to appeal to different preferences.


Set Up Marketing Automation


  • Marketing automation will help a lead gen company streamline your campaigns by:


  • Automating repetitive tasks like ad creation and keyword selection to save you time.


  • Enabling more precise audience targeting using behavioural and demographic data.


  • Optimising bids in real-time to maximise ROI.


  • A/B testing creatives to determine what resonates most with your audience.


Analyse and Refine Your Campaigns


Finally, a lead gen company will continuously analyse and refine your campaigns by:


  • Monitoring performance data like click-through rate and conversion rate. 


  • Adjusting targeting to reach the most relevant audiences.


  • Testing new creatives and messaging to prevent ad fatigue.


  • Reallocating budget to the highest-ROI campaigns and assets.


This data-driven approach ensures your campaigns stay optimised for lead gen and sales growth over time.


A Lead-Generation Case Study: How We Increased Qualified Leads By 8.6% For A Fitness Franchise


The Challenge: Our fitness brand client saw an opportunity to invest more in advertising and attract potential franchise owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. We tried continent-specific ad strategies to cater to different regions, but it wasn’t working as well as we’d hoped. Why? These strategies weren’t gathering enough data to make smart decisions about who to show the ads to.





The New Plan: Time to switch things up! We created a universal bidding strategy for all regions, following Google’s best practices. This strategy considered things like the device someone is using, their location, and even the time of day they’re searching. We also used a special data model that tracks the value of each click a user makes, not just the last one they make before contacting the client. This gave us a much clearer picture of what was working and what wasn’t.




The Results: It paid off! Unlike most lead generation campaigns that take months to gain traction, we saw significant results in just two months. Here’s the best part: qualified leads (people who were actually interested in owning a franchise) jumped by 8.6% compared to the previous period. Even better, the number of unqualified leads (people just browsing) went down by 8.1%.


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