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Third-party cookies will be entirely out of use by 2022 with Google studies reporting a potential 66% loss of revenue for advertisers. This is why the TMI Collective is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with SQREEM Technologies – the global innovator which took home the 20th annual British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Business Awards.

This new partnership has already been shown to improve on Google’s display benchmark of 0.36% by 8000%, and turned the process of identifying, targeting, engaging, and converting over three billion consumers across the world into a fully automated science.

What we do

TMI brings together passionate individuals and ambitious brands in a digital environment that inspires them to innovate. By combining our expertise with the strengths of our clients, we work collaboratively to craft breakthrough solutions that are aligned with their marketing goals. 

Our specialised services include:

From initiation to completion, we adhere to transparency at every stage of campaign management so that our clients are able to measure marketing performance against efficiency targets.

Our people

Our ability to deliver measurable results for our clients starts with our team of talented and dedicated marketing specialists who are champions of their work and our agency. 

The people behind the TMI brand are a mix of skill and personality, each bringing unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to our agency. And keeping our teams excited and motivated about the work they do, is what helps us make an impact on their careers. 


We enlighten and develop businesses and individuals through digital…

Our approach is a people-centric one, both internally and externally. We work with our clients to demystify digital while provide measurable and insightful results. Collaboration, planning and calculated executions allow us to give clients what they really need in an ethical, transparent and empowering way

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