On January 2nd, the holidays will be over, the confetti have been swept away, and the champagne bottles will be empty. But for brands in certain industries, the party is just getting started. New Year’s resolutions 2024 mean new opportunities as people look to make positive life changes.


At the start of each year, millions of well-intentioned individuals dust off their vision boards and declare that this year will be different. They’re going to get in shape, eat healthier, pick up a hobby, quit a bad habit, learn a new skill, read more books, travel more, or save more money. For a few weeks, at least, determination is in the air.


Even though many abandon their goals by mid-February, brands bank on capturing as many of those resolution dollars as they can. Companies flood the airwaves and social media feeds with inspirational messaging, New Year’s deals, and transformation stories. It’s a short window of opportunity to score new business if you understand people’s motivations and align your messaging accordingly.


What do New Year’s resolutions for 2024 look like


According to a recent survey by Forbes, 62% of people feel pressure to make New Year’s resolutions. Women especially feel the need to set resolutions, with 64% saying they feel pressured versus 60% of men. The top resolutions for 2024 focus on health, wealth, and personal growth:


Improved fitness (48%)

Getting in shape and improving overall health and fitness tops the list of popular New Year’s resolutions for 2024. Nearly half of those surveyed said their resolution involves getting more active and fit.


Improved Finances (38%)

Money matters are top of mind for many going into 2024. Over a third of those surveyed said they want to improve their financial situation next year. Popular financial goals will likely include paying off debt, saving more money, and developing better spending habits.


Improved mental health (36%)

Focusing on mental and emotional health is increasingly important to people. Over a third of respondents said their 2024 resolution includes reducing stress, focusing on self-care, getting therapy or counseling, or finding a better work-life balance.


Lose weight (34%)

Losing weight remains a top resolution, with 34% saying they want to lose weight, slim down, or tone up in the new year. For many, weight loss goes hand-in-hand with plans to eat healthier and exercise more.


Improved diet (32%)

Speaking of eating healthier, 32% said their resolution involves improving their overall diet by eating more nutritious foods, cooking at home more, consuming less sugar and junk food, or adopting a specific diet like Keto or Paleo. Eating better goes hand-in-hand with fitness goals.

The Retail Winners in the New Year’s Resolution Rush

In essence, any business helping people stick to their get-fit New Year’s resolutions could see increased revenue early in 2024. Still, for certain retailers, the New Year brings an annual bump thanks to people’s drive to better themselves.


Gym Memberships and Fitness Classes:

It’s no surprise that fitness-related resolutions top the charts each year. As people commit to a healthier lifestyle, the demand for gym memberships and fitness classes skyrockets. Whether it’s a local gym, a boutique studio, or online workout platforms, the fitness industry is poised to capitalize on this surge in sales.


Cookware and Kitchen Appliances:

With promises of eating healthier and cooking more at home, individuals often find themselves in need of new cookware and kitchen appliances. From air fryers to blenders and fancy chef knives, retailers in this space can expect an influx of customers looking to upgrade their culinary arsenal.


Self-Help Books and Personal Development Programs:

The start of a new year is a prime time for individuals to focus on personal growth and self-improvement. As people seek guidance and inspiration, self-help books and personal development programs become highly sought after. Bookstores, online retailers, and even e-learning platforms can expect a surge in sales for these resources.


Healthy Meal Delivery Services:

For those who are short on time but determined to maintain a healthy diet, meal delivery services become an attractive option. These services offer pre-portioned, nutritious meals delivered right to your doorstep. With the convenience they offer, it’s no wonder they become increasingly popular as people strive to stick to their resolutions.


Athletic Footwear and Apparel:

As individuals make a commitment to get active, the demand for athletic footwear and apparel soars. Whether it’s running shoes, yoga pants, or moisture-wicking shirts, retailers in the sports and fitness industry can expect a spike in sales as people gear up for their new exercise routines.


Weight Loss and Nutrition Products:

Weight loss and nutrition products are always in high demand at the start of the year. From protein powders to meal replacement shakes and dietary supplements, retailers in this space can anticipate a surge in sales as people seek to shed those holiday pounds and adopt healthier eating habits.


Technology and Gadgets:

With the advancement of technology, gadgets play a significant role in helping individuals achieve their resolutions. Fitness trackers, smart scales, and health monitoring devices become must-have items for those who want to keep track of their progress. Retailers in the technology industry should expect a boost in sales as people invest in these helpful gadgets.


Financial Services and Budgeting Apps:

As the new year begins, many people set financial goals, such as saving more or paying off debt. This creates an opportunity for financial service providers and budgeting app developers. These tools help individuals manage their finances and track their spending, making it easier to achieve their financial aspirations.


Marketing strategies that resonate in the new year


Targeted Campaigns

Run digital and social ad campaigns aimed at people who search for and engage with content related to popular resolutions like healthy eating, fitness, saving money, and self-improvement. Tailor your messaging and offers to match their goals.


Align Products with Common Resolutions

Show how your products or services can help people achieve resolutions like eating better, getting organized, learning a new skill, or reducing stress. Promote the relevant features and benefits in your marketing content and messaging.


Offer Resolution-Themed Discounts and Specials

Offer promotional pricing or limited-time sales on products that support popular resolutions. For example, discounted gym memberships, savings on healthy cookbooks, or special deals on productivity apps and tools.


Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Incentivize customers to stick to resolutions by offering loyalty programs and rewards. For instance, a gym could provide bonus points or prizes for members who work out regularly in the new year.


Social Media Engagement

On your social channels, ask followers about their new year’s resolutions and goals. Share motivational tips, advice, product recommendations, or online communities that align with what they want to achieve.


Personalized Recommendations

Use website behavioral data, purchase history, or survey feedback to identify each customer’s resolution goal. Then serve up personalized product recommendations, content, and messaging tailored to their specific needs.


Post-Holiday Sales

Run sales with messaging about getting ready for resolutions. Highlight products that support goals like getting healthier, being more active, learning new skills, de-cluttering and organizing, saving money, and reducing stress.


The new year brings an opportunity to connect with motivated audiences pursuing self-improvement. Use these tips to tap into New Year’s energy and attract resolution-focused customers. With the right messaging and incentives, you can kickstart healthy habits and loyalty.


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