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Through programmatic advertising, we offer a targeted yet automated ad auction process to purchase advertising space on websites and show consumers adverts relevant and specific to them.

Our approach

Our highly targeted approach using image banners, native image ads as well as rich media is used to increase awareness and assist in conversions down the line. In addition, we are able to provide extensive filters to ensure that your ads are not placed alongside any unsafe subject matter based on the categories we select.


Data driven insights


Cross platform attribution


Real Time Bidding




What programmatic display can do for your brand

Programmatic buying not only allows us to set specific targets, but also to continuously optimise performance in real time as we see the results. We have full control over how the budget is spent and it gives us the ability to allocate funds towards better performing audiences online. This gives us the opportunity to actively grow a user base, maximise brand awareness and boost performance by re-engaging users with the data received through audience lists. Audience segments are then generated from all levels of the audience funnel and target consumers who have visited, and performed various actions on a website.

Through the use of our management technology including Display & Video 360 (DV360) and Campaign Manager, we have access to a vast array of publisher inventory including but not limited to adpack, BroadSign, Vungle and myadbooker. Through these channels we have access to affinity and market audiences, 1st and 3rd party audiences, customer intent, apps and app collections, contextual keywords and category and site targeting.

Our programmatic advertising specialists are ready to take your audience insights to the next level. Drop us a line and let’s chat about how we can improve your online presence and conversions.

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