search engine optimization

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An SEO marketing strategy that will help to drive traffic straight to your website and boost your visibility on Google search results.

Our approach to search engine optimisation

Our various SEO services focus on three key elements of a website’s performance: quality of traffic, quantity of traffic and organic search results. We ensure that your website ranks highly for relevant terms and attracts the right consumers.


Technical Audit

Our SEO specialists thoroughly assess every element of your website’s design. This will determine what might be affecting your online visibility.


Keyword Research

We use relevant keywords on your website to target the right traffic for each of its landing pages.



We make use of Google Analytics to assess whether key performance indicators are being achieved.



We create quality content for your website with the right target audience in mind, aiming to boost your site’s Google ranking.

SEO Tools

What search engine optimisation can do for your brand

SEO marketing is a necessary and valuable tool for increasing both your brand’s online visibility and the volume of targeted traffic being driven to your website. That’s where the TMI Collective comes in. We’ll steadily nudge your brand up Google search results with the help of our expertly tailored SEO strategies.

The SEO specialists at TMI Collective can conduct a technical audit of your website, meticulously assessing where your website can be improved in order to achieve optimal online visibility. We can also use our keyword research smarts to help drive the right kind of traffic to your website. Lastly, we can formulate a content plan for your brand, which involves the publication of optimised content on both your online platforms and offsite platforms with a high domain authority. Offsite content will include backlinks to your site, thereby increasing its search engine performance.

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