Winning Locally with Google Search Ads:
A Print Shop Marketing Case Study

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, we’ve seen many success stories begin with three little words: Google Search Ads. And for one of our clients, it was no different. As a leading provider of office automation solutions, their core business has been thriving for years. But our client recognised an opportunity to leverage their expertise by opening print shops within select franchises. 

This strategic move aimed to diversify their offerings and cater to a broader audience. To make this expansion successful and compete with established print shops, they needed to quickly establish a local presence and attract foot traffic to their newly launched print shops. For insights into our strategy and the remarkable results it yielded, continue reading our print shop marketing case study.

The Brief

Our client had expanded its business by launching print shops as part of it’s competitive strategy. The goal was to entice local customers to step into these stores and explore the wide range of print services on offer. To achieve this, TMI was tasked with running a search campaign that would target potential customers searching for print shops in the vicinity.


As our client ventured into the print shop business, they faced several key challenges:

Local Visibility: Since the print shops were a new addition to their portfolio, the client needed to quickly establish their presence in the local market.

Competition: The print shop market was highly competitive, with many local print shops and online printing services vying for customers. Our client needed a strategy to stand out.

Foot Traffic Generation: To succeed in their new venture, the client had to drive foot traffic to their print shops, converting potential customers into loyal patrons.

Measurable Results: The client was committed to measuring the ROI of their marketing efforts accurately. They needed a data-driven approach to track the success of their digital marketing campaigns.

Our Strategy

Our strategy began with the fundamentals: keywords. We knew that to lure potential customers, we had to catch them in their moment of intent. Thus, we honed in on keywords like “print shop near me.” But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

To further maximise our client’s visibility, we focused on specific services they offered, such as “flyer and business card printing,” tailoring our campaign to match these popular search queries.

Our strategy encompassed two key objectives. First, we aimed to drive traffic to our client’s website, ensuring that potential customers were aware of the services and benefits offered. Second, we encouraged individuals to call the print shop directly to inquire about their services, effectively boosting foot traffic and increasing the likelihood of conversions. Our campaign was meticulously crafted for narrow targeting to maintain relevance and precision.



20 Phone Calls: Prospective customers actively engaged with our client’s print shops by reaching out via phone calls.

4,539 Impressions: Our ads made a significant impact by appearing in thousands of relevant search results.

386 Clicks with an 8.50% Click-Through Rate (CTR): Our campaign was highly effective in enticing users to click on our client’s ads and learn more.

90.63% Impression Share: Our ads were prominently displayed, capturing a substantial share of impressions.

92.04% Top-of-Page Rate: Our ads consistently appeared at the top of search results.

67.32% Absolute Top-of-Page Rate: We secured prime ad placements, ensuring maximum visibility.

Google Search Ads had a direct effect on driving traffic into the print shops and helped our client gain new leads that they would have otherwise been unable to capture without localised campaigns like these ones on Google Adwords. In just one month, the campaign helped our client achieve their goal of driving foot traffic to their print shop locations.

The ad campaign delivered an 8.50% CTR, indicating that users found our ads highly relevant and engaging. Furthermore, the integration of call extensions for mobile users yielded 20 phone calls during the campaign period. These calls represented potential customers seeking information and services from our client’s print shops, effectively providing a new lead every working day. Our outranking share, which measures how often our ad ranked higher in the ad auction than our competitors, ranged between 86% and 89%.

Want to see similar results for your business? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can tailor a Google Search Ads strategy that suits your unique needs.