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Delivering Quality Leads For Less With Search Ads

– 13 February 2022

Our latest success story came from an investment firm who approached us with a challenge: can you help us generate leads at a cost-per-acquisition of $20 or less? We rolled up our sleeves and got to work on crafting a winning digital marketing campaign across a range of channels – with an emphasis on Google Ads – that would hit the mark of a cost-per-lead of $20 or less. Read on to find out how we achieved our goal and exceeded our client’s expectations!

The assignment

The client was an investment firm that specialises in global property investment opportunities. In order to increase their reach and capture more investors, they approached us to run their advertising efforts across multiple digital channels. The main focus was to be on Google Ads.

Our main goal was to drive sign-ups to their platform at a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of $20 or lower. In order to reach our target market, we wanted to appeal to avid investors or those looking for new opportunities in the market.

With the investment firm’s very low entry to market sign-up fee, we knew this would act as an extra boost for generating leads. So, we decided to create a strategy that leveraged this benefit as a main selling point. We also created targeted ad campaigns that used relevant keywords and phrases to reach potential investors in the moments when they were most likely to be searching for investment opportunities.

The strategy

We conducted a thorough audit of their Google Ads accounts and quickly noticed they were not set up correctly. So, we took the initiative to rebuild their accounts according to our best practices while taking full advantage of the features available in Google Ads.

We created a targeted campaign for each of their offerings – local and international – as well as a core brand campaign and a competitor campaign.

The results

With just half of the month of August to work with, we got to work executing our lead generation campaign. Despite the time constraints, we managed to deliver over 300 leads at a cost per acquisition (CPA) of $20 in August. In September, the campaign went above and beyond our expectations. We achieved even better results and delivered 720 leads with a CPA of $4.62 – exceeding all of our and the client’s KPI benchmarks.


The success of this campaign illustrates our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions that bring real value to our clients. We believe that our approach could be applied to similar scenarios, with equally impressive results. We invite your business to take advantage of our expertise and capabilities to achieve your own successes.


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