Google Ads Now Lets You Cast A Wider Net When Targeting Customers

– 29 August 2022

Google has received a bit of a makeover over the last couple of months – at least for their marketing platform. The latest tweak happened within the location targeting feature, which has been redesigned to allow businesses to diversify targeting options.   

 We’ve noticed that Google has changed “People in your targeted locations” option to “People in or regularly in your targeted locations”. This means that if someone searched for a product in a specific area, they will be able to see ads from relevant businesses in that area even if they aren’t physically present in that location at the time, whether they’re at home, work or travelling. Here’s how it now looks in Google Ads:

While this is a useful feature, Search Engine Land points out: “Google doesn’t tell us what the criteria is for someone to be considered regularly located in your target area. The frequency and recency factors could be make a difference to some businesses.”

The benefits of location targeting

Digital marketing consultant and CEO of SEMCopilot Ted remarked:

Although my default reaction to these sorts of changes is to be skeptical…I do think in this case it will result in incremental high quality traffic coming in for advertisers. We live in a mobile world…that means people move around a lot; people we target during the day don’t disappear at night, they go home. Why not get your message in front of them there?

Location targeting makes it possible for advertisers to serve ads to people in a particular geographical location. For instance, if you were advertising for a chain of supermarkets, without location targeting—your ads would appear across all locations all over the world. There is also a possibility that your ads would be viewed people outside your business location. Location targeting enables you to show ads only in regions where you have supermarkets.

The update was first spotted in Google display ads, but now seems to have expanded to search and shopping campaigns, too.



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