TMI’s Growth Fuels Exciting Rebrand

– 20 October 2022

Digital marketers are beginning with rebranding the standard banner ad, adding creative, immersive, and responsive designs that aim to get users engaged beyond just clicking on a static image. Today, interactive rich-media ads are taking over and becoming the staple of display advertising, and it’s no surprise why. 

Interactive media comes in the form of rich-media adverts. According to Google, rich media is a term used to define adverts that encourage viewers to engage and interact with content that has video and/or audio elements. They are not text-heavy and use visual and audio stimulants at their core to selling a product or service. This allows the marketer a lot more creative freedom as the ads can expand, contract, and have multiple interactive buttons or call to action.

Tools to look at when rebranding

With ad blockers, a popular extension on many consumer’s browsers today, traditional banner ads were in need of a refresh, and the new model of rich media has saved the day. A win-win for both parties; marketers can now target consumers in new formats, and consumers are able to view adverts that are both more fun and have more relevance to them. This makes it far more likely for an action to be taken. 

Today, rich media results will focus on user engagement, and report on metrics such as the number of views received, time spent on viewing, and interactions per click. While ad impressions and click-through rates will become more outdated and less relevant metrics to report on. The focus is now on quality, rather than quantity, and aims to drive better engagement that benefits all parties involved.

Interactive Media’s future 

While the adoption of interactive media might appear slow, many believe it won’t be. With the implementation of faster internet connections in the form of 5G and fiber, a number of consumers will be ready to receive and actively engage with video and audio-based ads immediately. 

According to the Global Intelligence report by Zenith Media, the display is already one of the biggest paid media contributors to consumers’ experience of tech brands. Surrounded by more traditional, above-the-line forms of media including TV, newspaper, and magazine.

While interactive media is still considered the future, it is in fact already here and advertisers must catch up to the benefits it can offer. Change should be embraced, and while strategies and reports might start to look a bit different, it is to the benefit of all those involved — directly and indirectly — in the advertising world. The future might include fewer ads at a more premium price, but ads that are guaranteed to attract valuable attention and engagement.




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