Why video content is a valuable tool to use

– 14 April 2022

Video content is an especially beneficial and versatile means of engaging members of your organisation’s target audience. In fact, it has proven itself popular amongst South Africans and is deemed a necessary tool. The Media Online notes the relevance of YouTube and how, as of November 2019, 42% of South African’s watch videos on their mobile phones. Meanwhile, South Africa Today highlights the need for more diverse forms of content, one of them being video, and also recommends the regular use and promotion of video content across social media channels. There are various reasons why video content is such a useful avenue for businesses to promote themselves. Here are three of them.

Video Content Is Concise

One great thing about video content is its effectiveness in delivering information to viewers in a quick and concise manner. With one click of a play button an audience member can be given all the information he or she needs in a short space of time. The trick is to say exactly what you need to say about your product or service in the sufficient amount of time. If it’s Facebook you’re advertising on, then your videos can only run for 10 to 30 seconds, while on YouTube they can run for 30 second to a minute. If you can effectively promote your brand in that amount of time, then you’re on your way to piquing peoples’ interests.

Videos Can Tell Vivid Stories

With video content you’re able to use more than just words to convey a message to your intended audience. With striking visuals that tell a compelling narrative, you’ll be able to grasp a viewer’s attention with greater ease and more immediacy. Of course, time is once again a factor in your storytelling, but if you manage to tell a story that’s both visually exciting and relevant to your brand and audience in a limited amount of time, then you’ve done your job properly.

Videos Are Great For User Experience

A concise piece of marketing with striking sounds and visuals already has a chance of engaging and appealing to members of your audience, but there are other ways in which video content is great for user experience. Firstly, once a video appears in front of an intended viewer and they click on it, they’ll immediately be immersed in the experience of it and won’t have to do anymore searching or scrolling to receive the information they need. The content is right there, being played in front of them. What’s more, videos are easily accessible on multiple devices, so a user’s experience won’t be affected if he or she is watching on a laptop or a smartphone.

A well made video advertisement will go a long way with consumers of your brand’s products and services, not least because video content is so easily accessible on a variety of devices and across numerous platforms. Provide your audience members with a piece of marketing material that immediately grabs their attention with striking visuals and sounds https://tmicollective.com/display/. Also make it concise enough that they receive all relevant and necessary information. Do all that, and you’re well on your way to increasing your audience.



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