Youtube Adds A Suite Of New Features For Marketers

– 20 October 2022

Google-owned YouTube is expanding its lineup of advertising services on the platform with a trio of new ad options across audio, shopping, and prime streaming. The news popped in from the company’s Advertising Week New York showcase earlier this month.

Dubbed the YouTube effect by the company, these new targeting options were designed to help brands connect with consumers and be visible in the moments that matter most. In a press release, YouTube stated that people are drawn to content that resonates with them, and YouTube is a space where content creators are constantly breaking fresh ground to stay relevant with today’s viewers. This creates the so-called YouTube Effect – a creator-viewer relationship that brands can tap into.

Here’s a short resume of the new features your YouTube marketing strategy will be able to take advantage of.

Moment Blast

Moment Blast offers a way for brands to reach people with timely, relevant messages and build excitement during key moments, like major sporting events, movie releases or product launches.

Brands can occupy prime space on YouTube Select content on connected TVs (CTV) and other devices, as well as a Branded Title Card and optional Masthead placement.

Product feeds within Discovery Ads

YouTube will now enable you to link products feeds to a Discovery ad campaign. Product feeds are browsable product listings from which consumers can tap through to your site to make a purchase. The company also plans to bring local offers into Product feeds so brands can show real-time availability for products in their Google Merchant Center, guiding consumers toward the most convenient place to buy.

Target music and podcast listeners

Google is also opening access to audio ads worldwide, enabling even more businesses to advertise to YouTube Music and podcast listeners, which digital marketing agencies can buy through Google Ads or its Display & Video 360 platform. Brands now have the opportunity to target podcasts exclusively with audio ads.

Our YouTube marketing services can help you utilise these features

YouTube is proving to be a growing destination for brands to connect with the platform’s 2+ billion active monthly users. Whether or not you’re already using our YouTube marketing services to market your brand, these new features should help you build meaningful awareness of your brand and create higher engagement with audiences.

Do you want to do more with YouTube? Wondering how to use the newest features for your YouTube marketing strategy? Get in touch with the team at TMI today.



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